SEO and Web Design

For 15 years I was involved in running a web design and web development company in Auckland (Netactive). During that time SEO was often an afterthought to the build of the website. At that time SEO was far also less complex than it is today.

I firmly believe that a successful website can no longer be separated from a good SEO strategy. In fact, I believe that there are significant benefits in the website design and SEO company being the same team.

SEO is not something that has to be done after a website is launched. Rather, it should be an integral part of the planning, design, build and content of the website itself. I offer to work with businesses to lead exactly that process and to implement both the website as well as the Search Engine Optimisation. My Auckland Web Design Company Hello Web and Hello SEO are the same company.

My passion is to work directly with stakeholders to lead and elevate their online presence beyond that of their competitors

I make that my challenge.

Hello SEO Business Owner
Uli Knapp - Director Hello SEO

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