Content Creation and Content Marketing

Search Engines can only work with content, and therefore meaningful content creation is the cornerstone of a good website and an effective online marketing strategy.

But creating content is not easy

That’s what many of my clients say. It’s difficult and time-consuming, and they would be right. Creating content not only requires a bit of flair with words, spelling, grammar, but you also have to know your subject really well. Also, you have to find something compelling to write about.

Content can have different purposes.

Content for the website

There is the content on your website, the hero area, the product or service pages, the “About Us” page, in short, the content on your website that, once it’s established, will probably stay there for a while. Best let a professional handle that, but keep in mind that they may not know your business or your industry, so expect them to need some help to get it right.

Website content has to follow certain rules to be effective, so give your web designer and your SEO person some leeway here. They know best which words to use and how to put them together for the best results.

Oh, and I always say that there is a benefit in your web design company and your SEO company being on the same team. (But I would naturally say that).

Content for Blogs and Articles

Here’s where you can really stand out. But what to write about?

Find something in your day that you enjoyed, a client meeting, a successful product launch, an installation that worked without a hitch, a fun meeting with staff or anything else that was a highlight in your day. You can write about that and relate it specifically to your business and your industry.

Write without expecting it to be perfect the first time around. I often let an article lie for a few days before I tackle it again, that time with a totally fresh approach or I may just make some minor corrections.

Proof read again and again. Don’t rely too much on that spell checker. Once you’re 99% happy, go ahead and launch. You’ll never be 100% happy and I’ve seen good content go to waste merely because I was dealing with perfectionists. Those of yuo that are, you’ll have to get over barrier, or else Google will be wondering where you are.

What if you just can’t get it together? That’s where content creation services come in handy. I often work with pretty badly written content and make it into something worthwhile and there are others like me out there. The trick here is that, even for a good content writer, the subject matter is often unfamiliar, so you have to help with your expertise.

Spruce it up! Don’t forget to use images and videos, Info-grams, and any other visual tools that make your content more palatable.

What you can use the content for.

Here’s the good news. You can use the content for many things, your bogs or Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest if it contains good images and LinkedIn if you can re-shape it to be “business-like”. Don’t let it go to waste.