Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

That’s a big thing these days. We online marketing people like to lump all the online marketing under that term SEO. Strictly speaking, that’s not what it should be called. Some more “with-it” SEO companies call it SEM, or “Search Engine Marketing”. (Still, they tend to call themselves SEO companies. – Confused?)

Search engine marketing is the art to convince search engines to categorise your web pages as high up in search results as possible for the search terms that matter. That’s usually what we start with – to find out what your best clients, those that you want to impress with your website, would be searching for. These “keywords” or “key phrases” then form the basis of many things that we call SEO.

On-page SEO

SEO Words and paragraphs

We embed them cleverly into the content of your website (partly the reason that I believe that your web company and SEO company should be the same team – I digress), the headings, the meta-data i.e. the text and data invisible to the website user but visible on searches and definitely visible to search engines.

The technical SEO stuff

On-page SEO should involve a lot of technical things that need to be done on the website. At Hello SEO we have a list. For instance, it includes “Security”, “”, “Page Speed”, “Responsiveness” and a long list of other things. Make 100% sure that your web design company has taken care of the long list of things that need to be done.

Off-page SEO

Pay Per Click

These keywords also form the basis of our PPC campaigns (mainly Google Ads, but they could be paid ads on other platforms).

Link Building

Here we link as many influential pages as possible (or as make sense for your business) to your page, convincing search engines that lots of companies have your business at heart. The more influential the link source, the higher you may score. We at Hello SEO work on getting your website linked for all the right reasons.

Social Media

“Do I really have to do social media? It’s just not my thing!” The answer is yes. But make it easy for yourself. Don’t concentrate on the social media thing. Concentrate instead on creating good content, and the social media thing will follow. After all, a lot of social media (not all, but much of it) is taken care of by posting good content.