SEO Review and Online Marketing

The SEO review is FREE! It includes a free written report and a chat about your options.

Let’s see where your SEO and Online Marketing is at:

I’m amazed how often I come across websites where not even the very basics have been take care of.

First, I’d like to know how much traffic you’re actually getting. Then we can advise how we can improve.

So what do I look at in my SEO Review?

The Website Content:

I look at whether someone has done keyword research. I look not only at the nature of the content, but also how much there is, how it’s been laid out and how current it is. I look at your competitors. You’d be surprised how often content is copied from other sites. Google punishes duplicate content severely. So, I check that if some should copy your content, Google knows that you’re not the culprit.

Heading layouts and tags make a huge difference. Websites that are built with templates often miss the right heading tags. I look at that and whether there are keywords distributed well (and to Google’s liking) across relevant your pages.

Behind the Website:

The technicalities behind the website have a massive impact on SEO performance. Again, with templated websites, these things are seldom adjusted to the new content and your website will never really work it’s way up the search rankings. I check that all that has been taken care of. Alt Tags, Metatags, Titles, Descriptors and clean code. There are many more parameters that I will report on.

Search Engines

You’d be surprised how few web developers actually add your website to Bing and other search engines. I look at that.


Analytics tells us a bit about your customers, how they find you and how that can be improved.

Google Ads

Getting Google Ads wrong can be costly and costly over a long period of time. I check all your Search and Display Campaigns and will tell you where improvements can be made.

What’s Included in the review

SEO Only –

  • Search Engine Registration
  • On-Page – Keyword and Content
  • Site Speed and caching
  • Image analysis
  • Off-Page – Technical things behind the website
  • Coding and Site Errors
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Analysis
  • User Friendliness
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • URL Friendliness
  • Google Analytics analysis
  • Social Media

SEO and Google Ads -

  • Everything included in SEO Only
  • Keyword relevance
  • Keyword Grouping
  • Location settings
  • Search Ad relevance
  • Display Ad relevance
  • Affinity Groups and Placement Strategies
  • Ad Performance
  • Improvement Opportunities

What you get in the review

The review will be comprehensive, yet “to the point”.

I will show the results, together with a brief explanation of what needs to be done to address any shortcomings.

A list of suggestions will be included that can be included in your planning.

Included in the price is a meeting that will be used to discuss the outcomes and opportunities going forward. That will be in the form of a Skype or Zoom meeting and will take between half and hour to one hour.

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