Content Creation

Having good, rich, and informative content on your website has become increasingly important for good SEO. Before we plan a website (yes we build websites), we would already have tackled some of the content SEO aspects of the website.

Both during the build of your website and afterward, the creation of content can be challenging and it can be the most time-consuming aspect of building a website. Don’t think that once a website has been built, the work is done. Search engines reward you for fresh, relevant and well-distributed content from your website.

Hello SEO can write, or assist with creating high-value content for your website.

Content has to be informative

While we’re not fans of the term “thought leader”, it does indicate how you have to look at creating content. Employing a passive strategy with content is unlikely to place your website in a leading position. Instead, the aim is to get your target audience to see you (through your website) as somewhat of a hero, to read your content, point others to it and to share it. We are not tempted to aim our content at getting clicks, but rather we aim at providing value to the reader. Low-value content leads to high bounce rates and low conversion rates. Google will know the difference and will rank your website accordingly.

Mix it up

There are many types of content, and it’s a good idea to mix it up. Product Pages, Blogs, Articles, Lists, Guides, Videos, Infographics, Slideshows, Images, etc. The list is long. Try to mix it up and use content types that are relevant to your business. It’s a good idea to create a “Content Strategy” so that you don’t lose momentum. Content should be topical. relevant and fresh.

If you end up on a website that has the latest content dated a few months or even years back, it sends the message that the business is not really concerned with keeping clients up-to-date.

Your Content Strategy

It’s a good idea to work your “Content Strategy” into your overall online strategy. We like to know, before we start work with a client, what the objectives are. We research what realistic returns should look like, and then we aim a little higher. Getting conversions a month or two out from a launch in a competitive market is unusual, but something we’ve achieved. (See the results that the website for this Auckland Roof Maintenance Company has achieved just a few months out from launch).

Content can be planned a few months ahead. That way we’re not scrambling to find what to write about, but can think about it while we’re busy with other things. (Sometimes, we’re awake at night.)

Working closely with you

Writing good content goes beyond putting words on the screen. Well written content should have a “tone” that reflects the nature of the business. Too often have we seen content written by overseas third parties that don’t understand the local market or articles for highly technical businesses that read more like a children’s story. Getting it right is paramount.

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