Google Ads

“We believe that every business should use Google Ads!” There are a number of very good reasons and, best of all, it does not have to cost the earth.

Meaningful Search Terms

Google Analytics does not report the search terms for organic search results. That means that you won’t ever know what those lucky ones that land on your website were searching for in the first place and that means that you can’t make improvements to your content that are in line with the right search terms. Even if you use Google Ads only to find out how those that land on your page relate to it for particular search terms, you’ve collected very valuable information.

Imagine, and this is a scenario I had once, that the website engagement is less for Google Ads, which react to a particular keyword, than the organic hits. Well, it told us that the ad text was not targeted well and that in turn told us that the website content was not as good as it should have been. A valuable lesson learned.
That’s not unusual in a few scenarios. Perhaps your website is new or has new content or the website is in an area of business that is over-represented e.g. “Web Design” or there may be some other issue with the website.

Your website is not yet ranking well.

Using Google Ads in these cases can get you the clicks and business that you’re after, even if it will still take some time for your website to climb up the latter.
Google Ads lets you be very specific to audiences. For instance, you can adjust your ads to show to an audience within a certain affinity group, say those that are interested in finance or home and living. Or, you may show your ad at certain times to a certain demographic, i.e. when you run specials or want to target a specific demographic or a group with specific interests.

You may want to target very specific audiences

For “branding” your business you may want to run display ads that show on popular websites to particular audiences, including those that have previously visited your website. (Retargeting).
Let’s look at your objectives here. If you expect to get the phone ringing non-stop, then you can probably expect to pay appropriately. If you expect your Google Ad to go head to head with your business development staff then expect to pay appropriately.

What about the cost?

If on the other hand you want the odd call and your main aim is to collect search terms and content words for the website then you’ll pay less. Campaigns of $5 to $20 per day have been very effective.

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