Google Analytics

Analyse, and do it frequently

Google supplies that amazing and free tool “Google Analytics”. Google Analytics can be integrated with Google Ads in many ways to provide a rich amount of information about your website, the visitors and the way that they interact. There is no excuse for running a website that does not get site visitors or conversions without understanding why. Google Analytics will usually supply the answers to that.

All traffic to your website is somehow connected with the “keywords” that are on the website. Previously mentioned is that the initial keyword research is “key” (yes) to your website performance. There is one critical component that Google does not supply with Google Analytics. The “Search Term” that leads to a click on the organic search result. I’ll digress a little.

Why everyone should use Google Ads

That vital bit of information (the search term used to click on the organic search result) leaves a big hole in the data. Google Ads fill that gap, provided that the Google Ads are configured well. Google Ads reports on the search terms and that alone can lead us to make significant wording changes on your website.

Google Analytics allows us to analyse the actual search terms and despite the fact that the reporting is only for paid ads, it gives us sufficient information. The demographics reporting for instance led us to change the wording of a builders website to cater for a younger demographic than was previously assumed.

In one case, for instance, we learned that “monolithic cladding” was a frequently used search term, which came as a surprise to the owner of the business. Suddenly we had something to work with in order to improve the website.

Similarly, many other clients have benefited from us looking closely at Google Analytics, including our web design company Hello Web where it’s patently clear that only very few searchers that use the term “web” or “website” are actually looking for “web design” or “web development” services.

Analytics Reports - and why you benefit by not receiving a full report

If we were entirely honest, we would not send SEO reports to our clients. Not many read them, and I’ll bet that most SEO reports end up unopened in the destination inbox.

So why do you send SEO reports?

In many cases, we don’t send a full report, but in all cases, we send at least a summary that is written in person rather than by a machine. The benefit of that is that we have to look and analyse the data in order to write the report.

That way an SEO expert can actually make decisions on what actions to take on your website and your marketing.

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