Online Strategy

A successful online presence does not stop after the launch of the website.

The party analogy

Your organising a party, decorate, arrange caterers, print invitations. On the day you’re dressed up, the candles are lit, everything’s perfect. When no one arrives, you realise that you’ve forgotten to send the invitation.

On another day you send out awesome-looking invitations, but no effort was put into the preparation of the party, no candles, the catering was less than average. You guest leave soon after they arrive and to top it off, you’re getting bad reviews on social media.

Just like the party and the invitations, the website and SEO work together. It’s pointless having a fantastic website without getting site visitors just as it is pointless to have a bad website with lots of traffic.

When everything has to work together a strategy is a good starting point

Your online presence is not only your website or the content, blogs, or videos, and it’s not only the SEO. Like many complex entities, components have to work well together to be successful.

Before we design or write, we like to know what the objectives are, how large the market is, the nature of your clients, your target market, your geographic reach and your expectations. Frequently our initial planning supplies more marketing detail to a business than they have ever had.

We only start once we have a target and a plan

We believe that Website Design and SEO need to work closely together. For that reason, we keep Web Development and SEO in-house. With the same team (probably the same person) working on both, good results are far more likely than if you get separate Web Design and SEO companies, or if you plan and build your website without considering SEO.

Let’s get all online components working together for your business.

Let us place you online - right amongst your best clients